Day: August 9, 2010

Expecting Musicians to play for Free?

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There are far too many venue owners who expect musicians to play for just a meal and some drinks. That is disrespectful and exploitative. If they asked someone to come to their place and build a wall or mend some pipes they would have no problem paying the going rate. They wouldn’t dream of saying “Here’s your lunch; that makes us even”. A lot of work goes into a music performance. That work is worthy of remuneration.

If You Can Answer Yes… [song lyric]

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This song I wrote this morning as the flipside to the one I wrote the other day, which was entitled “In a Box”. I guess it says it all. Enjoy, if you can…

Do you have the time of day to play around me
Are you always there in some small special way
Do you love to sleepy talk at 3am time
With someone who in your sweet bed does lay

Have you always moved whichever way your heart goes
Do you light the day up with your torchlike laugh
Do you never follow all the fads of fashion
Do you see your journey as a sacred path

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