Day: Mar 16, 2011

Till I Met You [song lyric]

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Till I met you
I never wanted to fulfil
a woman’s every dream
to want to find solutions to
her every whim and scheme

Till I met you
I never thought that I could be
in someone’s company
and never want to be unhooked
and never to be free

Till I met you
I never talked on telephones
for timeless hours of woo
or till the battery faded out
whichever first came through

Till I met you
I never wished that I could be
forever by a side
I never wished my lover said
“when I become your bride”

Till I met you
I never had orgasmic waves
just looking in some eyes
or barely touching fingertips
(I swear I almost died)

[I will miss those timeless rides
to the moon and back again
Dazed that everything could die
With a dread dash from my pen]

Till I met you
I never thought that time would stand
as still as silent leaves
I never had a Golden Box
upon which hung two keys

Till I met you
I never saw a smile which burned
its way into my soul
while laughingly ensuring that
I never would grow old

Till I met you
I never thought that I would bring
an idyll to an end
but Ice Queen frolic freezer types
I’ll never comprehend


© 2011, Alan Morrison

Wordless Poem [sonnet]

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I have no words. Well that is how it feels.
Yet here are lines of letters on the page
which make themselves the cruel shape of a cage,
imprisoning my heart and my ideals.

I am my own worst enemy. Too true!
But someone has to take the role or else
I can no longer satisfy myself
that I have protected my soul from you.

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