Day: Mar 23, 2011

The Tarnished Lotus [poem]

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Once upon a time,
a Golden Lotus nestled in
this throbbing heart of mine.
But over all the years of bloom
and fruits upon the vine,
so quietly it tarnished
and lost its pristine shine.

At first I didn’t notice
or feel the subtle shift;
equivalent geographically
to continental drift,
in which the surface stays the same:
until an earthquake happens,
there are no signs of risk.

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Taking Crap from No One

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My top New Year’s Resolution this year was to take crap from no one. If anyone gives me crap, plays silly games with me or messes me about, I simply walk away with a smile and a “so long, have fun”. So far, I kept it. I had to use it a few times already. Only thing is I end up sitting on a mountain-top all alone and contemplating my navel. There’s always a trade-off! 😉