Day: Apr 13, 2011

People often ask me

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People often ask if my poems are about an actual person – especially if they have a love theme. They can be, but not always. Sometimes the words are a form of idealisation: I would love to be able to pin them on someone… but I can’t right now. Sometimes they are “words-in-waiting”, like a cloak waiting to be draped over some seemly shoulders, so I can finally say “This is to whom those words have always belonged”.

The Windows to your Soul [sonnet]

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If just one piece of all the sum of you
could be preserved so I could see your heart,
I know already which would be the part —
the one which for my treasure I’d accrue.

It would not be your soft neck or your thigh
(the smoothest region like a baby’s skin);
although they send my senses in a spin,
there’s something else of you for which I’d die.

Enough of all this mystery! you exclaim;
what could it be to mesmerise me so?
The answer is the windows to your soul;
to look through them has kept me whole and sane.

By now, this fact should come as no surprise:
The body part I want would be your eyes!


© 2011, Alan Morrison