Day: Aug 3, 2011

Hara Kiri Every Time [song lyric]

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I have been here before…
Feeling I’m on a mountaintop and riding high
Though all my instincts tell me that it’s all a lie
This is the one I dreamed about my whole life through (yeah)
Thought I could breathe at last although it’s all untrue
Clinging to straws and roses made it seem so fine
Yet I committed Hara Kiri every time.

I thought I’d seen the light…
Flashing and swirling round me like a storm at sea
Warning me not to go there ’cause of where I’d be
Showing me how I’d fall into the poisoned tide
Tearing myself to pieces with that knife inside
But I was like an insect round a candleshine
And I committed Hara Kiri every time.

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My Semantic Sea [poem]

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I always have the feeling
that I say too much.
In my oral fever
I am constantly ready
with words that gush.
Bubbles come out
from my lips with ease;
I leave not one stone
unturned (unseized).
For words are to me
like a fecund flow
of turquoise-coloured
streams searching hard
for a place in a harbour
to anchor my wildest dreams.

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The Cold Water Brigade [sonnet]

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Some people see it as a vital job
to put out fires which burn in people’s chests.
They use their winding water hose to rob
you of your ardour felt. They are obsessed.

They spread their darkness using many ways —
(beware they love to make you doubt your dreams)
do anything to try to quench the blaze.
There is no end to all their deadly schemes.

How vigilant do lovers have to be
to spot this army coming from behind!
Equipped with gossip, venom, jealousy,
their aim: That all your flames be undermined.

I’ve seen it all before; it’s déjà vu;
I thwart their every strategy. Will you?

© 2011, Alan Morrison