Day: Jan 15, 2012

Scarf of Glory [sonnet]

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[for Susanne]

She wore a scarf but not around her neck;
it nestled gypsy-like upon her head.
I looked but had to do a doublecheck —
the colour of her face filled me with dread.
Tressed and formerly flowing locks of hair
were chemically taken from her skull.
The tear-inducing fragrance of despair
my sunny day of joyfulness did cull.
But when I took a closer look at she
whose loveliness had still come shining through
my heart rejoiced at what there was to see:
A gorgeous princess then came into view.
For though some cells within were broken-down
that scarf she wore on top was like a crown.

© 2012, Alan Morrison


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I swear that one can make any thought into a sonnet. (14 lines, 10 syllables per line, various patterns of rhyme, though I prefer the Elizabethan model (abab,cdcd,efef,gg) invented by the Earl of Surrey in the early 1500s. There are love sonnets, protest sonnets, propaganda sonnets, surrealist sonnets and even sonnets about sonnet-writing. Francesco Petrarca wrote 366 sonnets – all of them about one woman called Laura who he happened to see one day at a church in Avignon in 1327 and to whom he never spoke. Personally, I have written more than a hundred; so I’m catching up on Petrarch. There is something ravishing about Iambic Pentameter!