I don’t fit into the World of Today

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I don’t fit into the world of today. Despite my own sometime joyful feelings at sunsets and smiles, presents and presence, birdsong and bleary-eyed kidtalk, the miracle of music, the way that trees look, a meeting of minds, the diversity of faces, the pregnancy of Spring in Winter, the fact that there are horses, french kisses, atoms, breasts, village idiots (bless them) and cheesecake, I am still a kind of reluctant visitor, a hesitant passenger in this cosmos who takes on all the pain of humanity, the cries of the weak and oppressed, the heartache of the grieving and unloved, the slow skewering exodus of the terminally ill, the fact that more than 5000 children die pointlessly each day from drinking contaminated water, the futility of countless lives on earth, the narcissistic self-centeredness of so many, the slavery of daily work for the unfulfilled, the sociopathic nature of politics, the ability of most of humanity to be deceived by chicanery and subterfuge, the illusion of “democracy” (just a fancy word for engineered consent), the abuse of not only the word love but also its true nature, the false extension of the theory of relativity to human morality and truth, the destructive stupefying controlling nature of religion, the life-stifling blanket of conformity and – last but by no means least – the mind-numbing menace of mediocrity. Sometimes it’s all too much. Thank God for poetry.

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