The Sky Tonight [poem]

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The restless tone of the Sun
abrasively raised the bar
of expectations nestling
in the trestled tables trained
and tilting — legs were liltingly
framed against the driven sky
as all unfallen angels learned to fly

The feckless face of the Moon
courageously made the point
that walking west on water —
though regardless of the zest
of midnight’s crazy daughter’s
somewhat blankly bland expression —
crippled every flower’s indiscretion

The manful burn of Mars
so rosily placed among
the stars and shining an eye
through the canvas of the sky
defends its scalding pedantry
from cold Orion’s spearish doom
the barren redness of its earth abloom

The sternful sigh of Saturn
arrestingly bretht itself
while making patterns testing
whether fears were there or no
and if they weren’t then so be it
though scrambling souls would benefit
if haste and hidden humour they omit

The vastful sweep of Jupiter
luminously laughed its cloud
of gasiform mystery’s
neverly ominous crown
and dreamful frown which trickled down
its moonly majesty’s mantle
of cold surprise’s thin disguise’s candle

The sensual sound of Venus
virilustly pierced the veil
of hymeneal freeness
gleaning cleanness fondly round
the legacy of entropy
ensuring mountains smoothed above
will from now on abound in naked love

© 2012, Alan Morrison

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