Day: Jan 22, 2012

Learning so Much

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Learning so much. So much to learn. Every day brings dozens of lessons. The old saying “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come” is soo true. And that teacher can come in many forms: A book, some person one ‘bumps’ into (even for just a minute), a piece of music, a poem, one’s uncanny life process, a painting, a dream or even an actual teacher! Sometimes we have to look for the lessons. If we want them, we’ll get them.

The Dark in your Heart [sonnet]

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You thought me conquered by your silken limbs
and for a while you had me by the throat.
Into my head a thousand acronyms
like ‘false love of a trespasser’ did float.
Bedazzled by your frontlights on my road;
transfixed by mouthish muscularity;
your mountains gripped my membership payload
and drained my horn of masculinity.
And yet you wonder whitely with dismay
how come I through your pantomime did see?
Why not seduced by your sweet cabaret —
your presentation done so adroitly?
Despite your aptitude to hypnotise
I saw dark in your heart without my eyes.

© 2012, Alan Morrison