Day: Mar 5, 2012

The Unquenchable [poem]

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How does one measure love?
to know that it is made of steel
(the stable stainless kind)
and not a sludge of dreams unreal
eroding with the winds of time
and — made of words which only
rhyme for one day every single week
(a wretched prospect which I now
regard as wintergarden bleak) —
beguiles the careless soul into
a perfect rigmarole of drudgery.

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It’s All getting to me Today

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It’s all getting to me today – the sheer wonder of all things. Yes, ALL things. (For even what we call “bad” things ultimately work for good in the overall scheme of life {and are not tornadoes magnificent?}). They have to. We cannot see it now but someday we will, after aeons of turning cogs and the breaking through of primal light into all the fullness of our puny sight…