Day: May 9, 2012

Hawk-Eyed Diver [poem]

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I am a multi-striped and greater-spotted hawk.
You may see me in a café as you talk your way
through Battenberg and loganberry tea. Yes
that’s me in the corner of your life; writing out
the lines I gave myself to compensate for all
the times I turned away from compromising
wealth — for each alarm that I ignored about
my failing health — for every high occasion
that I hugely stood my ground — for every
willing no I said when lured by lost and found.

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Unformed Dreams [poem]

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when we will not dream
(if they can come ajar at all).
With arbitrary molten glaze
my veined unfickle hand
plucks verdant schemes
for substance cannot
stand [or fall] unless a
loose pituitary gland is
basking in a daystar’s
earthy radiant core for
when we cannot gleam
with streams of lunarticly
lava flow then evolutionary
calmic levels cannot grow and
even all our raw and unformed

© 2012 Alan Morrison