Day: May 28, 2012

We do not need to be defined by what others think of us

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We do not need to be defined by what others think of us – by how many flattering comments or “likes” we receive from sycophantic adulators – by how many profile-views we get, by how famous we become or how financially successful we are. For all that is merely superficial, reinforcing narcissism, which easily becomes ego-boostingly addictive and has no value in reality. We should be defined, firstly, by our attributes of love (such as kindness, selflessness, humility, compassion, generosity – what we give of ourselves); secondly, by our willingness to grow in grace, insight and awareness (the maturity process which has nothing to do with playing at being “grown-up” but means evolving into who we are meant to be); thirdly, by our creativity (what we heartingly draw on in ourselves to make something exist which wasn’t there before). It is these which should be our starting-points for self-definition. There are others too, which follow in their wake…