Day: Aug 6, 2012

Domino Theory [poem]

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When cold possessive mine becomes instead expanded
warm impassioned mind and ropes and chains are
used to form triquetra shapes entwined in
place of shacklebondage pantomime and
prisons change to light refracting prisms
and chainmail suits are made for two
instead of one, then dominoes will
tumble back to back in one long
line until the universe is rid
of every vision-crushing

© 2012, Alan Morrison

Leadership in the times ahead

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Just brainstorming a pile of thoughts & feelings about the need to prepare for leadership in the times ahead. I don’t mean political leadership because that’s part of the problem. I’m referring to the kind of personal guidance & support that many are going to be needing when the shit really (openly) starts to hit the fan across the world. There will be much confusion, fear and questioning. There will be betrayal amongst friends and relatives. It will be a time of testing. I’ll be speaking about all this at a gathering of people on Saturday. It’s a subject very close to my heart.