Undivine Dissidence [poem]

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One day when I am asked to pledge allegiance to
another human being just like me with flesh and
blood (even if he or she should claim themselves
to be a god) or model image made to copy animal
or man I will not scrape the ground or kiss his bible,
manifesto or koran or any other so-called holy relic
which has been produced by mere man. Even if you
show me that this fetish is angelic I will not be cowed.
I’d rather that you killed me now and put me in a
coward’s clean white shroud. I’m going on the record
now [I swear by my right hand] to say these words so
there can be no blind confusing thoughts on where I
stand. I will not kiss his feet or hers even though I may
be tortured by their underlings for years. I will not break
or be a fawning subject treated like a mindless object.
I can never give my worship to a woman or a man
even though they may do tricks which normally
no other can. I will not give obeisance to their form.
For that which should be worshipped never makes
its subjects bow and scrape to follow every edict it
would make. For worship comes from freedom’s
heart and does not need compulsion’s whip or any
other cruel dictatorship to make it prayerly start.

© 2012, Alan Morrison

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