Day: Aug 20, 2012

Ferocity [new poem]

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There is a place where particles
of any kind of mine can flow
explode unload implode feel
free to fulminate ferociously
upon and under over through
vermillion skies + cobalt blue
between the skin of me and
any yearning you who innerly
and sweetly keens for all the
unexpressed and indiscreetful
dreams which long to show
the petal-richness havens of
their full unfrozened flowers
flowing every atom bursting
out through hidden pristine
protoplasm’s graphic hidden
patterns crazed expression
glazed impressionistic heart
of all I sensolutely mutely am

Lost in vastly spaces radiantly
emanating nothing wasted
cradled by the taste of hazy
everglades I crave for deeper
secrets in the hidden crevice
parts of moistly maidenhead
where flowers never throve
before yet here I must bow
down in worship tearingly
no fear adore and scrape the
floor as subjects did in days
enstyled as yore when love
and adulation made its mark
and knights had power and
grace and ladyes strong had
dreamdeep as a watermark
I kiss your feathered feet
and work my way up to the
centre of your gifting bliss

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