Day: Dec 21, 2012

So What’s the Big Deal about the Mayan Calendar?

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I can’t imagine why the beliefs and practices of the Mayans would be of any relevance to anyone today who wants to be a spiritual person. People just assume that because it was an ancient culture where the priests got doped out of their brains it must have therefore been some kind of cool shamanistic utopia from which we can all learn. Revisionist political correctness has ensured that academics take a romantic view and speak only of great discoveries and high civilisation. Don’t be fooled. The Mayan culture was a bloodthirsty, totalitarian society that essentially destroyed itself. Because polygamy was practised among the nobility, warring factions were constantly fighting among themselves with huge cost to life. They performed human sacrifice, including child sacrifice (which could also involve the cutting out of their hearts) which could take place from birth onwards. They would torture and sacrifice prisoners of war, beheading them and keeping the heads with them as a trophy. To get into a religious or leadership high position was not on the basis of suitability but nepotism. Not what you knew but who you knew. Contrary to popular myth, Mayan society was not a peaceful culture but one which was entirely based on war. War was at the heart of Mayan culture. Heck, what they got up to (if you care to look into all the latest archaeological research instead of romantic New Age revisionism) makes the American war machine of today seem like the studio set for The Adventures of Noddy (Oui-Oui in France!). As to their spiritual activity, well here is an excerpt from an essay by Time Magazine science writer, Michael D. Lemonick:

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