Day: Apr 6, 2013

I made up my Mind some Years ago

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I made up my mind some years ago not to tolerate bullshit from anyone. If someone wants to be my friend or lover or any other intimate thing (i.e. they want a significant place in my life), they must be honest, honourable, loving, faithful and true (and I will to them be the same). They must be self-aware enough to be able to police themselves not to be disingenuous, manipulative, aggressive or competitive. If I detect the least whiff of treachery, lies or betrayal, they’re gone from my life. It’s that simple. No psychos. No self-centred, immature narcissists. No “entitlement” types. No bullshitters. No game-players. No gold-diggers. No deceivers, hypocrites or inveiglers. No cowards. No bullies. No screwed-up adolescents disguised as grown-ups. Life is too short and too precious for anything other than honest, harmonious, selfless, loving exchange. I would rather be alone forever than in any kind of compromised, unbalanced, pathological relationship of any kind.