Day: Aug 31, 2013

You’re So Naïve

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youre_so_naive (2)YOU’RE SO NAIVE! That was the title of a song I wrote on 2nd December 2008, addressed to the mesmerised masses across the world who were rejoicing at the thought of Obama being elected to the presidential office for the first time. When that happened, most of the world thought that their Messiah had come. But some of us knew it was just another cheap trick worked by behind-the-scenes strategists to make people think there had been some kind of sea-change when really it was a clever way of maintaining the status quo. Since the time of President J.F. Kennedy (who was plainly assassinated because he was prepared to stand up to the CIA and organised crime), the message has been clear: Presidents are tools and puppets of the real powerbrokers in this world (the Powers-that-Be, PTB) and have no power of their own whatsoever. As events develop now in the world as it is today, maybe many more will come to realise this too. The melody of this song resembles one of those football chants sung by crowds at matches. Here are the lyrics:

So now you have a leader who is “young and black and real”
“Change we can believe in” is the mantra that you feel
But how come I am standing here with heaviness of heart?
It’s a tragedy in Grecian style and we all have a part
You’re so naïve!
The PTB are laughing up their sleeve
You’re exactly what they need
Their power-games you feed
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