Day: Sep 20, 2013

Through the Laughing Glass [poem]

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When was the last time that you laughed?
I said this as I gripped her shoulders —
arms like lightning rods —
a flashing grounded earthing
mass of spark-conduction
low destruction
epic mirthing squads.

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Hard to Find [sonnet]

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Why should it be so hard to find a True
Romantic on this jingly-jangly sphere?
(Jingly for the money-rattling bijoux
and jangly for the empty heart veneer).
Chivalry and knighthood now ‘outmoded’;
alliteration, rhyme – form! – ‘out of date’.
Concepts of the troubadour exploded;
the patronage of arts they abrogate.
But hope is not extinguished as a whole;
for hard to find does not mean cannot be.
There’s still a crowd of kin who keep their soul
from fashion, trend-dictated poetry.
I know I speak for many in this song.
Our time to shine will come. It won’t be long.
© Alan Morrison, 2013