Day: Oct 28, 2013

Ode to Jack the Russell [prose poem]

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In times of crisis someone always rises from the heap to lead the way.
In this case, Jack the Russell was the one to join the fray.
Often it’s the ones who look least likely to be heroes who defy all odds;
While those who brag beforehand fall to pieces when the action
on the ground or on the stage in life’s grand theatre gets too hot.
Somehow, the state of modesty bestows a later case of bravery
when even dogs can step up to the plate, regardless of their fate.

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The Creative Process

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What a fruitful mystery is the creative process! I cannot say that I write a poem or song but that it writes me. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s not like automatic writing for I have to apply myself and instigate the momentum. But at the same time as I instigate, some other force then arrogates my mind; then words come like confetti on the wind from some uncharted place, often making me laugh with sheer joy at the flow! For this reason, no one can take the credit for anything. We are conduits, canals and watercourses, messengers and mediators from another universe. Saboteurs of mediocrity. Avatars of authenticity. Provocateurs for change.