Day: Dec 6, 2013

Curtain-Raiser [sonnet]

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It’s good to have the windows open wide
for scents and sounds can enter as they please
and birdsong through that open space can glide.
So long as Summer holds, the room won’t freeze.
But predators can come while people sleep
if bars have not been placed around the hole.
Deft pedlars of deceit can sprightly creep
into your house if you won’t take control.
To speak more plainly than you’ll think is right:
(for you who keep your lace-net curtains drawn
[I know against these words you’ll dogly fight])
behind those drapes you’re just a blinded pawn.
Pulling back the veil brings cries of “Slander!”
Most prefer mythology to candour.

© Alan Morrison, 2013