My 11 New Year’s Resolutions

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[as dictated to me by my Higher Self 🙂 ]


*BE INTREPIDLY ADVENTUROUS 24/7. Take risks every day. Do things you’ve never done before — not just once but regularly. Especially, do those things which deter you the most. Be fazed by nothing. Ever. Be daring, valiant, dauntless, audacious, courageous, utterly fearless.

*CARRY ON BEING 36 YEARS OLD. Ignore those who say that you’re too old to live the life you presently live. Ignore the jealous, killjoy judges who say that you’re too old to have friendships and loveships with people much younger than yourself. Bullshit! Live young. Play young. Love young. Die young.

*RENEW YOUR KNIGHTHOOD FOR YET ANOTHER YEAR. Do not concern yourself with the fact that mostpeople consider chivalry to be outmoded and anachronistic. Ignore those who say that rescuing damsels in distress is “sexist”. Pursue the medieval Knight’s Code of Chivalry with all diligence: Exercise bravery, courtesy, honour, and gallantry. Respect the honour and sacredness of women. In all things, live by honour and for glory. Protect the weak and defenceless. Fight for the good welfare of all. Eschew any kind of unfairness, meanness and deceit. Speak the truth at all times. Persevere to the end in any enterprise, once begun. Seek no monetary reward for the actions of a Knight. Do all this and thus fulfil your Knighthood for another year.

*MAINTAIN THE SPIRIT OF THE TROUBADOUR IN ALLEGIANCE TO THE MUSE. The mind of the travelling minstrel is one which does not primarily seek its own comfort or fame. Pursue artistic purity with all diligence and leave all other aspects of survival to fall into place of their own accord. The Muse will care for her own, in her own way and in her own time. The lot of the Knight and Troubadour is not one of fatness, luxury and comfort but challenge, danger, wrestling of conscience and renunciation. Remind yourself of all this daily throughout this New Year.

*BRING TO FRUITION ALL YOUR ARTISTIC DREAMS. Don’t just think about a project but DO it! Launch that CD, “The End of the Song”, in February/March on your own label, independent and free. (Don’t just bring out that CD but start organising the next one. Choose the tracks now!). Publish that poetry book, “Vagrant on the Hinterland of Time”, as soon as possible. Stop shilly-shallying around. Finish writing “Reluctant Angel”. Don’t keep telling yourself that you’ll never finish it or you never will. Write at least 500 words per day. Do it! Write that thesis, “Artificial Dam: The Myth of Writer’s Block”. Base some workshops on it for songwriters and writers. Find someone likeminded to team up with and run those workshops. Update your present website. Create a new website where people can order poems from you. Do it! All of it!

*FIND NEW SPONSORS FOR YOUR WORK. Show the world that the medieval gesture of patronage is not dead. It’s worked for you since 1998. No reason that it shouldn’t work for another 15 years. Don’t let the negative tone of others about patronage put you off. Go for it! Rely on synchronicity and it will come. You know that’s true.

*FIND A SOULMATE OR EVEN A TWIN FLAME. Yeah, that’s right! No more excuses or wittering on about relationships being all messed up these days or “It’s all over for me” or “Who would be interested in a dork like me?” or “There’s too many crazies out there” or “I need my independence”. Bullshit! You are a knight and a lover by nature and you know damned well that you’ve got infinitely more to give than you can keep to yourself. Man, with all that love, passion and derring-do, you deserve a Lady! So share that love. Even if you aren’t going to go hunting, at least be open to a tryst. You’ve locked something precious away in that Golden Box of yours which you need to release. So switch on your homing device and watch for the bleeps. Believe me… they are coming!

*SEEK OUT AND DO THAT WHICH BRINGS YOU JOY, SOFTENS YOUR HEART AND INCREASES YOUR LOVE-LIGHT. In order to raise your vibration, you need to actively engage with joy-bringing beings and situations. Spend time with horses (houyhnhnms). Cultivate friendships with people who smile genuinely and who know how to laugh from their core in the midst of a flawed and deviant world. Be much around flowers and trees. Let birds be your example in flight and song. Explore the origin and meaning of music. Spontaneously travel through outer and inner space — always open to the unexpected. Value the element of surprise in all things. Realise the power and self-realisation imparted through Neptune transiting your sunsign for the rest of your life. Rejoice in the wonder of eyes and the richness of unanswered whys.

*BE EVEN MORE CHOOSY ABOUT WHO GETS TO RIDE ON YOUR JOURNEY WITH YOU. There is no place in your life now for relationships with obtuse, insensitive humans. If others behave strangely or are uncommunicative or rude, do not be upset by it or wrestle with it. The time has come for you to stop thinking you can help every emotional cripple you meet. Just walk away calmly, untainted by the smear. Avoid people who spend time putting others down. Have no dealings with negative, snide, manipulative or bitchy folks. The only fellow-travellers on your journey now should be positive, caring, loving, discerning, authentic, daring, adventurous, inquisitive, insightful, spiritual people of integrity with a keen sense of humour, who love great art, who do all they can to live their dreams, who want to be part of a better world and who value the higher things of life.

*AVOID CYNICISM AT ALL COSTS. Insight and awareness can bring cynicism. In darker moments you have a tendency towards this. Eschew it at all costs. It will attract the wrong kind of energies and companions. Recognise that all are not at the same level of evolution and that you yourself still have a long way to go. Seek your own improvement and take comfort in the fact that everything is moving in the direction of glory, no matter how much to our earthly minds it may appear to be otherwise.

*FINALLY, DON’T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY! Much of what you believe that you are and think about yourself (and everything else) is just an accrued barrel-load of baloney which has no real basis in reality. It has little lasting significance and merely consists of some flashy neuronal electrical signals which will fade into nothingness when your brain signs off at the end of your present journey. Most of what we believe about ourselves is false. Remember that. Find out who is the observer in you. What is it looking out of your eyeholes? We are not who we think we are. You know this already, so build on it. Seek that which is real and simple and beneficial to others, as well as that which is edifying for yourself. Be humbled by the seeming complexity of all things. Know that there are worlds within worlds within worlds within worlds, etc., ad infinitum, which no telescope or microscope can discern. See yourself in this perspective and live in a perpetual state of humility, even in the midst of apparent success and achievement. All that you are, or think that you are, will someday (sooner than you think) be distilled into some micro-archives beyond the cloak of your present temporary identity. Your current name and face will be gone forever — continuing only as some fading neuronal signals in the finite brains of a handful of others. How could you take yourself seriously in that knowledge? 🙂The more that your self takes itself less seriously the more helpful it becomes, not only to others but to the infinite, eternal flow of all things. Have a fruitful, mindblowing year!

© Alan Morrison, 2013

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