Today [poem]

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to see all things from higher space
more infinitely than
from where just humans stand
becomes my sacred duty
as I feel myself slide steadily
into a hallowed place
from where there’s no return
with bridges burned
beyond all recognition
as if performed
by some gargantuan hideous act
of nuclear fission
no one listening to these cries
and in my heart
a billion exploding whys
perhapsly now the time has come
for grateful curtseying astute goodbyes
to slip into another sphere
where love is all there is
and nothing tears in either sense
or ever dies and softly is the sky
and horses canter wild unfenced
to dignify the landscape sensibly
and every dream becomes redundancy
for all’s already there
and every day’s today
and nothing plunges in despair
or lunges with a sword or spear
for beings there take pleasure
in the tao of sharing
baring souls without reserve
no games are ever played
(though playful is the theme
of every blessed day)
and yes is queen
and give is king
and to that world there’s nothing
for its neonates to bring
save nakedness untainted me-ness
shining venus not now in the sky
but in the thirdsome eyes of all
and with my flapping baby wings
from world to world I’ll joyly fly

© Alan Morrison, 2014

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