Questionnaire [fun poem]

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Do you have the time of day to play around me?
Are you always there in some small special way?
Do you love to sleepy talk at 3am time
with someone who in your sweet bed does lay?

Have you always moved whichever way your heart goes?
Do you light the day up with your torchlike laugh?
Do you refuse to follow fads of fashion?
Do you see your journey as a sacred path?

Are you never fazed by people’s weird behaviour?
Can you see through all the games played by the powers?
Is your mouth the window to a soul of beauty?
Do you bathe at least once every thirteen hours?

Do you have the kind of face to wake up next to
every morning, never losing the surprise?
Are you shrouded in a cloud of golden mystery?
Are you by my crazy ways electrified?

If I stroke your skin will I swear that it is velvet?
Will your eyes be pools where I could drown my heart?
Will I follow you because I just can’t help it?
Do you have a sense of humour razor-sharp?

Will we fit ourselves together like a jigsaw?
Will I never want our hot embrace to end?
If we ever (God forbid) have altercations
will we quickly find a way to make amends?

Can you put up with me when I need some cave-time?
Would you love me even more when I’m a mess?
Can you walk for ages without ever speaking?
Will I be full of wonder when you dress?

Is there something of the child left in your lifestyle?
Is your soul so old, your inner thoughts so wise?
Do you love to look at Venus, Mars and Saturn
in the moisty mistless April night-time skies?

Can you see through every mask that I’ve invented?
Will you gently smile each time I play defence?
Do you like to kiss as if there’s no tomorrow —
live for the moment, no more future tense?

If you can answer yes to all these questions
& you laughed and thought “describes me perfectly”
then I think that we could have some fun together
on a rocket-ride across eternity!


© Alan Morrison, 2014

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