Annual Roundup & New Year’s Resolutions

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Another year passes by, quicker than any other I have known. People I have met, of all ages, confirm that this has been their experience too. (I say “of all ages” because very often it is mainly older people who are said to experience time as moving more quickly). Looking at my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, which I made a year ago, the majority have been fulfilled. Notably, I mastered and released a new CD album, “The End of the Song” and am about to launch my new book, “Vagrant on the Hinterland of Time”, which contains 200 pages consisting of 124 poems, 54 sonnets and 10 song lyrics. I have already compiled and designed it. All that remains before going live is the receipt of the ISBN numbers and barcodes for the various formats. They should be through before the end of January. A completely new website is being designed and created even now, which will have a shop for all my “products”. This should go live in January. My new resolutions for 2015 will follow below; but first let me say a few words about the year which is now fading fast.

Since we are on Facebook and 2015 is soon approaching, let’s talk about this. For this Facebook environment has played an important part in my formation and education during the past year. Once more, Facebook has haunted me with its microcosmic presentation of the “real” (unreal?) world, increasingly rooted in narcissism, vanity (in the word’s original sense of futility), ersatz spirituality, madness and trivial emptiness. I am truly staggered by this. It feels like one vast social experiment (alongside TV) invented to reveal just how far humanity has degenerated into such phenomenal ignorance (much of it wilfully so), extreme folly and millimetre-deep superficiality. In a sense, I am grateful for Facebook’s part in this; for it has shown me how far down the road we are in the scheme of things. Incidentally (for any passing “positive thinkers”!), this is NOT negative! Calling a spade a spade is NOT negative; it is honest. Narcissism is negative. Vanity is negative. Superficiality is negative. Emptiness is negative. To recognise the negative aspects of this world is not negative but positively didactic. Part of our education. It’s how we find out how not to be and therefore how to be. That is positive! This reminds me of the time when I wrote a major investigative article in 2002 about the fact that there were no WMDs in Iraq but that it was merely an artifice invented by the power-elite as a pretext to go to war. I said in the article that it was “bullshit”. I was then showered with complaints from WASPS and bible-belt folks for using a “profanity”. The amazing element in this was that people who were horribly shocked about the use of the word “bullshit” were not remotely stunned by the bullshit itself! 🙂Similarly, so many tell me it’s “negative” of me to refer to the narcissism, vanity and superficiality of Facebook, yet do not seem at all bothered about the negative (and widespread) nature of the narcissism, vanity and superficiality themselves! I have to smile.

However… in spite of all the above, I must say that in the past year Facebook has also brought me in touch (mostly virtually but sometimes actually) with some truly wonderful men and women who are filled with poetry and insight and a heart the size of Jupiter. I could probably count them on two hands; but quality or high value — by its very nature — has to be rare in order to shine. This has been immensely helpful for me in my times of despair, which have been many in the year 2014. It seems that the sensitivity of the sensitive has magnified hugely during the past twelve months. My poem, which begins “I am never far from tears…”, expressed this phenomenon accurately. But the tears are bearable — not tears of hopelessness but of empathy and compassion and longing for the new to rise phoenixlike from the ashes of the old.

We are fast approaching a global apocalypse (of which there have been others before on this Earth). This will be the time when what is really going on behind the scenes on this planet will be revealed for what it is. The word “apocalypse” is derived directly from a Greek composite word which signifies the removal of a covering or veil. Unveiling. Revelation (also related to revealing and removing a veil). This will be the time when the deceptive covering mask is pulled off the face of this present aeon and the full ugliness of the monster is exposed. I feel that 2015 will be an especially significant year in this preparatory apocalyptic process. All the signs are there, both portentous and fulfilling. So, although being alive during this time is — in a way — disturbingly daunting, it is also galvanisingly thrilling because we have the prospect of the new aeon looming and being birthed right now. Entering this new year of 2015, I resolve to think, act and behave in ways appropriate to this cuspal time through which we are passing.


1. I RESOLVE TO LET THINGS SIMPLY HAPPEN IN A WAY IN WHICH I HAVE NOT DONE BEFORE. Although I have always been open to guidance (human and otherwise), I have generally had projects on which to work and followed the leads through those. This is the first year for as far back as I can remember in which I do not have any projects in mind, in advance, which have not been started before. Because of my feeling that this is going to be a watershed year in the dynamics of this planet’s healing process (with all the cataclysmic occurrences and events which go with that), I will keep myself free from projects and lay myself open to be shown how I can best assist in that process. Never before on this Earth has there been so much global deception through disinformation, mind-control and psychological operations on the part of a power-elite empowered by darkness. In order to keep on top of it, it’s as if we need the hide of a rhinoceros and the skill-set of a world-class spy! Though I am so weary of the burden the knowledge of this creates, I must continue to be at least one step ahead of it all and be open to being shown how to expose it fearlessly when necessary and only when facts (rather than rumour, mere innuendo or hunch) are at my disposal. This is what I will let happen — the formation of my life on the fly. Exciting!

2. I RESOLVE TO DEEPEN MY HERMITRY. Being a hermit does not have to mean living on a platform on top of a pole in a desert or on a mountaintop, such as do the Stylites monks. Hermitry is a state of mind, in which one centres oneself far from the madding crowd and untouched by fashion, trends, vogue ideas or social movements (especially social engineering) but yet, at the same time, remains altogether “there” for others. Thus, I devote myself to the beauty of aloneness, whether surrounded by many people (which I always find difficult because of the diverse energies which I pick up), nestling in a lover’s arms (which is glory and home in action), or on a mountaintop (to which I have a cable car constantly at my disposal).

3. I RESOLVE TO REMAIN YOUNG IN HEART, MIND AND — WHERE POSSIBLE — IN BODY TOO. Ageing is such a relative quality. I know of old souls in young bodies. I know of young hearts in old bodies. I know of decrepit minds in young bodies. I know of old souls in old bodies with young hearts. And so on. So much about ageing is dictated to us by whatever culture we live in; but which we need to rise above if we are not to be caught in a trap of either senescence or “salad days”. Thus, I see people start to stoop at a certain age, to dress in a certain “oldie” way, to have a certain kind of hairstyle “befitting” their age (think of all those blue-rinse perms on older ladies or Bobby Charlton “combovers”!) and so on. I see young people completely taken over by peer group pressure and mindless fashion and music to behave in an immature and gauche manner — even if, without that pressure, they would behave very much otherwise. Neither the old nor the young need to act out what they think their age dictates to them or what their culture throws at them. So many young people are bullied if they are “different” or mature “beyond their years”. They are called “precocious” by their teachers or even by their parents. At the same time, so many older people are ridiculed if they do not conform to the norm defined by their age group in society — being labelled as “Peter Pans”, etc. We are all supposed to hang out with our own age group and act “appropriate” to our age, as defined by a sick society. These are all aspects of what we could call “Ageism”. Therefore, I resolve to keep the spirit and vigour of youth but to live out the maturity appropriate to my soul. (I will also work out my body, eat healthily and keep its decay at bay for as long as humanly possible!). I will hang out with people of all ages, based only on the criterion of whether or not they are mature, self-aware (one of the most important but neglected human characteristics) and seek the good and the light. I resolve to live young, play young, love young, die young!

4. I RESOLVE TO DEEPEN MY SERVICE TO OTHERS AND TO THE WORLD. Recently, I wrote a poem entitled “Born to Serve”, which addresses this issue. The first lines said:

“Nothing makes a scrap of sense
unless this man can make himself
of service to the order of the world
(despite the fences and the corners
and disorder and the surly chieftains
wielding crass unpower from behind)…”

I have increasingly felt that the whole span and essence of life make no sense whatsoever without the possibility of service. At the same time, being of service has felt like the only act which makes sense in this world. My heart now yearns to be of service in whatever way the Universe directs. This is the only way I will be able to make sense of remaining alive — for I have secretly many times longed to die to be free from this world and its madness. I have even lain down on the floor and begged to be taken. All I ever get is like some little voice inside saying “Get up and stop being such an idiot! You’re here for a reason. I never said it would be easy. On the contrary, if you are sensitive and have insight, you will suffer, which helps you grow. You are not here to escape from the madness around you but to be of service to those who need a guiding hand”. Therefore, I resolve to serve in whatever way I am shown is right. Bring it on!

5. I RESOLVE TO BE PREPARED TO LAY DOWN MY LIFE. This is more than mere self-sacrifice or martyrdom. As the apocalyptic process deepens on this planet, as it surely will in 2015, those who dare to stand up publicly to the power-elite in the name of truth (while engaging in the necessary education of the many souls who will be so confused in an unstable world) must also be prepared to lay their reputations and their lives on the line. For this is inevitably what happens to those who take a stand for truth, love and light in a mendacious, manipulative, increasingly authoritarian world as it morphs from the old aeon to the new through this cuspal time. If the power-elite can’t assassinate your reputation, they will assassinate your life! Thus, if necessary for the furtherance of truth or for the protection of others, I am completely prepared to be outwardly destroyed in any sense. (This outer shell, both body and “reputation”, is really junk anyway — a temporary piece of decaying matter which is nothing more than a convenient vehicle for unseen wonders). One day, all the scheming and dissembling of the dark forces will be seen to have come to nothing and, in fact, ultimately contributed to their downfall and the birthing of the new aeon, in which all the old values will have been stood on their heads as flesh becomes spirit and peace becomes more than merely the space between two wars. Light always uses darkness for its own ends. Never the other way round. 😉

6. I RESOLVE TO CONTINUE TO TAKE THE OATH OF KNIGHTHOOD WHICH HAS UNDERGIRDED MY LIFE FOR SOME YEARS. This is not a frivolous pledge but an all-consuming way of life, at the heart of which lie some qualities which are not promoted so commonly today, such as honour, duty, diligence, fidelity, cherishment, self-scrutiny, valour, charity, grace, empathy, compassion, etc. For my oath, I adapted a 1000 year-old medieval Knight’s Code of Chivalry and I have sworn to exercise it with conscientious dedication. Here it is:

“Exercise bravery, courtesy, honour, and gallantry. Take no thought for what others think of you (unless they have correctly judged you to have misbehaved). Do not readily cause offence (unless harmful influences need to be overturned). Protect the weak and defenceless. Fight for the good welfare of all. Respect the honour and sacredness of women. Eschew any kind of unfairness, meanness and deceit. Speak the truth at all times, seasoned with grace and love. Persevere to the end in any enterprise with all diligence, once begun. Seek no monetary reward but let it come to you according to the grace you are accorded by higher powers. Be a light unto others. In all things, live by honour, valour and for the greater glory of the good in this world”.

Amen to that, year after year! However, I know it is possible and even likely that, from time to time I will mess up and fall short of one or more of my resolutions. But this is how we learn and develop, so long as we actually learn the lessons rather than repeating harmful patterns endlessly. As the first song on my latest album sings:

“Sometimes we have to take a wrong road to discover that it isn’t right.
Sometimes we have to take a darkened way to show us how to find the light.
Somehow there’ll always be a teacher for the one who’s ready to be taught.
Someday we’ll see it as we ought.”

I wish you all a very fulfilling, interesting, growthful and rewarding New Year!

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