Horoscope Reading

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THIS IS MY HOROSCOPE READING for this week, from a source that I respect. Regarding what she says, I DO realize it and I am watching it happen with an open mouth (and mind) and dumbfounded fascination. Everything is changing. Everything. Here are her words: “You may not realize it, but you are in the middle of THE most important decisions of your lifetime, and it has to do with the direction you’ll ultimately decide to take. It’s a recalibration of all the parts of you – body, heart, spirit and mind – in that order, in an unprecedented realignment of all the newly transmuted parts of you. All there is to do at this moment is to allow it to happen. Keep your ultimate intention in view, but know that it may morph and change a few times before this huge inner shift is completed. Watch those changes on the movie screen, like some new version of Fantasia. There’s no one on this planet that can do this the way you can. You’re the shape shifter, and that’s exactly what’s required to manifest the new you fully. Keep going.”

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