The General Deception, part 3 [poem]

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Amidst the heat and warped unlight of feversome furore
concerning who or what we can or should be voting for,
allow me to unfurl a seemly question on the furnace of
your well-conditioned rivened reflexes and ask you this:
Why should (or do) you ever need a government at all?

Most likely you will say we need someone to oversee
the roads and buses/trains or have someone to blame
when little johnny’s education’s not what it should be.
But those are just administrative functions to be done.
No need for rulership or lying manifestos to be spun.

What a wily move it’s been to engineer consent from you,
enabling all those twisted and corrupt and greedy
hypocrites and whores to have their wicked way, pursue
their bents and gain carte blanche illegally to go to war.
(I wonder if you know how power works and what it’s for).

By all means, local congresses — yet not to rule or wield
some sway upon the people but to serve in every way
and not just smile and carry babies on Election Day.
But national government is one despotic pretext which
inveigles folk from each pretended ballot to the next.

“Let’s get rid of this lot”, as is said each time Election Day
and all its circus comes to town. But then the next lot
soon becomes the one they and the media help bring down.
One party for the monied folk and one for those they hire.
Another for the ones who always sit on fences. What a joke!

For parliaments are nothing but a theatre to beguile and
make you think the circus and the hustings are worthwhile.
Yet, in those buildings only blustering and bathos are extant
while politicians pirouette & gallivant around at your expense.
Soon you’re blind and fail to see their blatant false pretence.

Votes are out of envy or from greed, naive ideals or just false
promises believed. But don’t you ever wonder why things
always stay the same? All the jubilation when a party “wins”
will soon dissolve to disappointment, ridicule and blame.
The truth’s laid bare, yet still we put our X’s in that square.

Your national government is just a ploy — a crude diversion
so you’ll fail to see how you are merely just a pawn or toy
of those who really run this world, those for whom you’ll
never vote, who hide in shadowlands and plot and gloat as
darkness rages at their beck and call. For all of this you fall.

The nations that this world has made are just projections
of divided hearts and disconnected minds eschewing what
ourselves in all our vain stupignorance have failed to find.
We then expect a government to fill our empty lives and
thus meet all our needs; but like a parasite on us it feeds.

So now it’s time to face the facts: For nothing that you do
or say — no voting booth or noble act — will change a jot.
Whoever “wins” the show must still do as they’re told by
those who they must serve, obey, or die. All the promises
and pledges to end poverty and inequality are hollow lies.

And so continue all the wars, assassinations, bogus laws,
mendacity and false-flag operations, show-trials, treasons,
cover-ups of paedophiles (power-players’ specialty), huge
corruption & illicit infiltrations, all the made-up allegations.
What a monstrous game! And all supported in your name!


© Alan Morrison, 2015

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