Blueprint for a Certain Future

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This is the cover of the original secret document — written by a research analyst for a covert black ops organization deep inside the CIA — from which Karelia (who had skilfully obtained it undercover) read to a meeting of the Baltic States section of the Reluctant Angels Group [RAGS] in a disused quarry near Šaltiškiu in Lithuania. It is an extract from my book, “Reluctant Angels”. The document itself plots out, in advance (from a 1965 standpoint), the mind-control and social control activities to be manipulated by the covert organization and its successors through agents and assets for the ensuing half-century, 1965-2015. If you read this you will see precisely how everything has shaped up in the world during the past 50 years. This is not conspiracy “theory”. Every person or incident mentioned in this document is verifiable and based on fact. If you read this you will never view the world in the same way again. The entire document can be read by clicking on this link: Blueprint for a Certain Future – 1965-2015

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