Month: Aug 2015

Music is a Beautiful Medicine with Healing Power

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I TAKE A VERY DEEP VIEW of music and its workings in this world. That is what I am contemplating in this photograph. I believe that music, in common with other arts (though even more deeply), works on and in people in ways which go far beyond entertainment. As an artist, I am aware of my responsibility in this. (In fact, I wrote a short paper about this whole subject, entitled “Follow your (He)Art“. So when I’m writing a song, I am aware of how it will affect the heart of the listener and also that it will make a measurable difference in the world.

Music is a kind of beautiful medicine with healing power. Thus, I always ask the Muse to work this healing through my music and out into the Universe. Along with all other genuine artists, I am an instrument through which the Muse plays the more hidden aspects of music into the world.

The Impossible Answer [poem]

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sometimes i almost get it
i can feel it lurking on
the tipness of my tongue
my life and me-ness
(you-ness too)
is hanging on a thread
i wonder what *on earth*
we have become
for every single particle
is poised upon a pinhead
{in a microbe
on a mote of dust
in a speck of water
as galaxies are thrust
across a space which could
be miniscule or infinite}
separately and together
at the same time
(i’m sure you’ll get my drift)
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