The Sword’s Fear of the Pen

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The Assassination of Writers, Thinkers & Whistleblowers

the_swords_fear_of_the_penIT HAS JUST BEEN REPORTED that Jacky Sutton, former BBC journalist and current Iraq director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting was found hanged in a toilet at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport at around midnight. She was en route from London to Iraq. It was claimed that she was so upset to miss a connecting flight that she hanged herself in the public toilets. None of her friends and colleagues buys the official story. She has clearly been “suicided”, assassinated. Anyone who believes otherwise is quite frankly naive or extremely stupid. Her predecessor was also assassinated by a car bomb 5 months ago. The big question is “What did this woman of principle know that someone didn’t want her to know?” What people fail to realise is that there is a global policy of assassination being enacted today which is especially targeting honest and incorruptible writers, reporters, artists, thinkers, dissidents and whistleblowers. It is a veritable pandemic. I wrote an article about this initially in 2006 and updated in 2014, entitled “The Sword’s Fear of the Pen”, which you can read here: “The Sword’s Fear of the Pen” Please read the entire article with its proofs and educate yourself. This world is run by an evil power elite which will stop at nothing to achieve its ends — though they will not finally succeed, as I show in the article.

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    […] be eliminated in such a world (as indeed they are, which I have covered in another article, “The Sword’s Fear of the Pen”)? Woodward is still doing the lecture tour circuit as a “hero” of an American “free” […]


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