Day: Oct 21, 2015

From Skein to Spurt [sonnet]

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There comes a time in every small seed’s course
when greenness births to shoot out from its skin.
Until that spurt, all latency’s resource
is dormant, held in check — a life within.

And now I’m like a seed which you awoke;
into my downward darkness you brought light.
When timid leaves have through earth’s surface broke,
my tendrons with the sun will reunite.

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More on the Jacky Sutton alleged “Suicide”:

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Quote from the Daily Mail: “Lorna Tychostup, who worked with [Jacky] in 2010, said: ‘I lived with her in Baghdad in her compound in her villa [for] at least four months. I saw her under a tremendous amount of stress. She handled herself with dignity, with strength. So it’s nonsense [to say she was] crying because she missed a flight. The idea that she would not have funds to take her wherever she wanted is ludicrous. She definitely rattled cages. I’m sure she had some people who didn’t like her in places of power.”