Day: Nov 14, 2015

This is just the Beginning

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“THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!” Those were the words I wrote in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre at the beginning of this year, accompanied by a large article giving the background to the incident and putting it in its true context (that article is available to you if you ask me for it). Actually, IT had begun long before. The “it” to which I am referring is World War 3, which is not a war in the conventional sense, for it is the first war which solely involves mind-control and psychological operations (PSYOPS) carried out by the intelligence [sic] networks of the major countries in the world (with the CIA, MI6 (or SIS) and Mossad as the prime movers). The overall purpose of WW3 — its endgame, if you will (which is merely the prelude to a far more sinister phase which I will not speak of here) — is to render whole populations so cowed and fearful and proxy-vengeful by the acts of terrorism and chaos breaking around them that they will be perfectly happy for their governments to wage serial wars in countries which the power elite wish to destabilise and take over, as well as being agreeable to those governments implementing tentacular “security” legislation which could have come straight off the pages of Orwell’s novel “1984”.

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