Living in the Real World [poem]

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I’d love to live in a real land and world
where people say just what they mean
and mean just what they say
Where promises are staunchly kept
and day could not be meant as night
nor ever night mean day.
Where dictionaries could not have
such words as “fight” or “holiday”
(for every day is holy in a way)
Where openness is normative and
every one of every size and age
puts value on innate ability to play
not stupid games designed to hinder
or destroy or wielded as a ploy
but those reflecting what takes
place within an atom’s heart —
electrons round a nucleus dart!
Where family’s a cherished word
not merely used to signal bloody kin
and people do not merely feign
an interest in the things you’ve done
or who you are or all the places
where you’ve lately been or
where you can be seen or
judge you by your make of car or
ogle at some one they call a “star”
Where coldness in a frozen heart
will soon be cauterised away
Where tempers never bite or fray
and fists are only used to knead
the bread for breakfast every day
Where empathy’s the quality
which marks you out as worthy and
Where sheer manipulation’s arts and
crafts could never hold a soul in sway
Where people think in colours never
seen or heard or dreamed before
and no one ever thinks in grey —
a world which has no need of doors
and one where every idea soars
Where idols, whether pop or made of wood
and stone, could never have a home
Where Love & Truth are sacred twins
and what a person is within is held as
more momentous than the things
they’ve had to go without and…
Where to feel self-doubt is good
to humbly have from time to time
far better than the always feeling
everything we think and say is right
as smug self-righteous socialites
Where men have heart and never
play away from home and grow their
hair and wear not clothes of monochrome
and dance for joy when moons are full
and women wouldn’t ride the carousel
of cocks and have no wish to dig up gold
or find some dupe to place their finger
in a rock or hang around their necks
a frayed and gaudy sign marked “Sold”.
Where no one ever is or could be
just a cog in one vast blind machine
Where there would never be a
gallows firing squad or guillotine
Where universities and schools
instead of always teaching facts
([which only serves to foster fools]
and forcing blind conformity to
social norms employment market
schemes while giving up achieving
their potential and their dreams)
direct a soul with gentleness and
tact towards a useful source of light
becoming erudite in thought and act
Where growth is not in bank accounts
but buried deep within our hearts
Where all the ingenuity of science
which can blow the world apart [to bits]
(while men just slaver over tits and
women pay for tucks and nips) is used
instead to fill each mouth with food
Where weak and vulnerable people
will not have a life of servitude and
no one’s ever heard the word “mistreat”
and no one’s living shelterless on streets
Where everyone can see through lies
and values being wise far more than
latest crazes mobile phones or appetites
Where no one feels ‘entitled’ merely
thinking of their “rights” like whingeing
parasites or glorifying war instead of
honour (statehood’s neat backdoor to
pull our strings and lure us into horror)
rather than see beauty in the always
now lost art of sacrifice or in the extra
long forgotten pathway known as duty
(now regarded as a dirty word no better
than a turd you’d slip on in the park)
Oh, how this world lives in the dark!

I’d love to live in a real land and world
wherein the sacred core of everyone
who dwells in it by choice will be
courageously uncurled and every
blesséd wing will be unfurled and
sparkles from our ever-searching
minds will torch the way ensuring that
we’ll find the part that always we from
long before our births were meant to play.

© Alan Morrison, 2015

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