Day: Nov 17, 2015

“You’re So Naïve”, part 1

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EXACTLY 7 YEARS AGO TODAY, I wrote a song, entitled “You’re So Naive!” It was written in the bawdy ensemble style of one of those songs which football teams record to commemorate a World Cup championship. 🙂 This was in the immediate aftermath of the first election of Barack Obama as president of the USA in November 2008. The world was riding on a wave of euphoria. The internet was awash with people thinking that the Messiah had come and that world peace was at last attainable. The naivete was astonishing! All the trendy new age people were saying that they had been told by their “channelling” sources that Obama had been sent as a light-bringer and that overnight the vibration of the planet had been raised to a new high. The Ascension was finally here! Really, you couldn’t make it up! 🙂 When I put the song with a commentary about it on social media (which was MySpace in those days as Fakebook was barely two years old), I received many angry messages from people accusing me of standing in the way of the “energetic flow” which this event had caused. One woman wrote that even if it was true that Obama was just another “patsie president”, it didn’t matter because the wave of positivity which had swept across the planet at his election “had changed the earth’s vibration forever”. In other words, hope which is based entirely on falsehood and deception is to be welcomed. Eight years later, I see no improvement either in the state of the earth or in the extent of that dippy way of thinking, which is now even more widespread in its hold on people’s minds. Honestly, I wonder if “stupidity” would be a better word than naivete, using it in its base meaning of being in a stupor. Or maybe “wilful ignorance” would be even better. For the truth is plain for all to see but the majority refuse to acknowledge it and either accuse truthtellers of being “conspiracy theorists” or lose themselves in pseudo-spiritual fantasies about imaginary channellings, energy fields and “Ascensions”. I could write a whole book about this! Anyway, here are the lyrics of “You’re So Naive”:

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