Day: Nov 18, 2015

“You’re So Naïve”, part 2

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YESTERDAY, I SHARED WITH YOU A SONG I wrote exactly 7 years ago, entitled “You’re So Naïve”, immediately after Barack Obama was elected to office (you can find that just below this article on my Facebook timeline). “The world was riding on a wave of euphoria. The internet was awash with people thinking that the Messiah had come and that world peace was at last attainable. The naiveté was astonishing!” I want to go into this a little further today, because I believe that event can teach us much about how we are manipulated by mind-control and psychological operations (PSYOPS). I want to begin by sharing one example of the tsunami of negative messages I received back in November/December 2008 and January/February 2009 about the song and the detiled commentary I wrote on it. I fully expected such a backlash, given the depth of indoctrination to which mostpeople had been exposed and to which they had also completely succumbed. First, here is the sample message I received:

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