Day: Nov 23, 2015

When Things get Really Bad on this Earth

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SOMEONE WROTE TO ME RECENTLY: “When things get really bad on this earth, I won’t stand a chance… I know that I’ll crack, because when I really look at myself all I can see is weaknesses. I am an utter disappointment, weak and full of shit.” Those are deeply affecting words. Yet it is the kind of self-judgement which I often hear from people who come to me for counselling about the state of the world and how to handle it. So many people perceive themselves as being fearful and so lacking in courage that they think when the heat is turned up in the rundown to the final denouement of this present aeon, they will acquiesce to the wishes of the power elite. For the time is coming when the cat will really be out of the bag and governments — instead of continuing their deceptive pretence of being benevolent and protective — will show their true totalitarian face and there will be mass arrests and the widespread persecution of dissidents (who they will class as “terrorists”).

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