Day: Nov 25, 2015

Nature’s Way

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Some Personal Tips for Self-Healing


IN LATE SEPTEMBER, I WAS AWARE OF FEELING ILL in a way which was not a usual one (by “usual” I mean feeling sick, feverish, headache and other precursory symptoms of a viral infection or tummy bug). This was instead a malaise which seemed to penetrate every cell of my body and even my mood, not to mention disturbing the flow of my sleep. Having had a daughter who’s had Type 1 Diabetes since she was less than 3 years old (she’s now 21, at university in the UK) and therefore knowing the symptoms of hyperglycaemia, I suspected Type 2 Diabetes looming — especially as my urination count was up. That didn’t surprise me. I’d allowed myself to gain far too much weight and become too carefree in my diet — eating a lot of sugary and processed foods. This was unusual because normally I’m meticulous about health and diet. But I had become sloppy and too blasé by far on this anglicised holiday sunshine isle with its cheap and easily obtainable Full English Breakfasts, Shreddies cereal, Blue Stilton and Wensleydale-with-cranberries cheeses, roast dinners, cheesecakes, apple pie or crumble and a sister living locally who loves food as much as I do!

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