Day: Dec 5, 2015

Radical Change in this World

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RADICAL CHANGE IN THIS WORLD will never come through conventional means. “Radical change” (from the Latin, radix, meaning root) means total change from the root up. It will not come through tinkering around with a few externals in order to feign or simulate change (which is as effective against disaster as moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic would have been!). Real, lasting, profound, permanent, fundamental, revolutionary, groundbreaking change cannot ever come through conventional means. By “conventional means” I am speaking of the outward processes which we have been conditioned to believe can effect change on this earth, such as politics, ideologies, religions, insurrections, etc. Unless we relinquish ourselves of these illusions, momentous, permanent, radical change for the better will never happen in this world. I use the phrase “for the better” deliberately; because, if we persist with the illusions and keep using old and tried (and failed) methods, there will certainly be change… but it will only be for the worse — which, in fact, is what we see all around us every day.

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