Day: Dec 30, 2015

The Three Main Levels of Love

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WHY DOES THE ESSENTIAL UNDERNEATHNESS OF EVERYTHING seem to be so wonderful, even though I know that, in earthly terms, what lies above it is not? Sitting here quietly on the quayside, watching the boats drift in and out of the port, the whole panoply of everything wraps itself in a vast ocean of love and I am thereby undone. I see a man with frayed collar and cuffs and the face of a worn-out dog walking as if he never has anywhere to go or anything to live for. I see a woman with makeup caked awkwardly on her face and her lips painted red inelegantly, rendering her with a tragic clownlike appearance. I see a weeping small child with dirty face and frayed, stained clothes being frogmarched by her distraught, blackeyed, run-down mother. What else can I do but weep for the world with its bottomless black holes and unfulfilments. Yet… somehow… everything (even that which appears to be dysfunctional) seems to be “in place” — suffering merely from the effects of a latent transitoriness, awaiting a regrouping of cells.

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