2016: New Year’s Resolutions in the Face of Unravelment

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A great many aspects of society are going to unravel in this year of 2016. Just as they did in 2015 but even more acceleratedly so. This is another year in a degenerative process which has been especially active on an open basis since the 1960s. Yet, unravel they must! I welcome the unravelling, for it is a necessary precursor to the regeneration of the world and the initialising of a new aeon. There can be no regeneration without this unravelling, for it is transitional — the bridge between the birth-pangs of the new aeon and the death-throes of the old aeon in which fractured consciousness and uninhibited vanity have been the leading principles. We should do all that we can to ensure that we are not surprised by what will be its ever-increasing ferocity.

Please understand that to speak of such unravelling has nothing whatsoever to do with being “negative”. It is the natural undoing of the skein of darkness by the power of Light, which is surely about as positive as it can be! Just as a seamstress has to untangle a ball of wool so she can knit her pattern into the perfection of an item of clothing or a bedcover, so the Light has to unravel the darkness in order to regenerate all matter into its next higher state of being. This is ultimately why we need not fear the chaotic elements, confusion and disorder which will characterise 2016 and beyond. There is a hidden beauty to that outward upheaval which sensitive (inner) eyes will see and they will rejoice to see it.

However, although the unravelling of global darkness is inevitable and can be somewhat inconvenient from an outward standpoint, of far more `to us is the *personal* unravelment which we should also welcome this year if we are open to it. And it is against the background of all this unravelment — both global and personal — that I place the following New Year’s Resolutions for 2016:

#1: I RESOLVE TO CONTINUE TO FULFIL THE OATH OF KNIGHTHOOD WHICH HAS EMPOWERED MY LIFE FOR SOME YEARS. This is not a frivolous pledge but an all-consuming way of life, at the heart of which lie some qualities which are not promoted so commonly today, such as honour, duty, diligence, fidelity, cherishment, self-scrutiny, valour, steadfastness, charity, grace, empathy, compassion, etc. We are all called to be Knights in some sense or another at this watershed time in earth history. For my oath (which can never be withdrawn), I’ve adapted a 1000 year-old medieval English Knight’s Code of Chivalry and I have sworn to exercise it with conscientious dedication. Here is that code which I live by, to the best of my ability:-

“Exercise bravery, courtesy, honour, and gallantry. Take no thought for what others think of you (unless they have correctly judged you to have misbehaved, in which case listen and learn). Do not readily cause offence (unless harmful influences need to be overturned, in which case do not shy away from causing offence for it is inevitable). Protect and serve the weak and defenceless. Fight for the good welfare of all. Respect and honour the sacredness and vulnerability of women. Eschew any kind of unfairness, meanness and deceit. Speak the truth at all times, seasoned with grace and love. Cultivate self-respect. Live in harmony but never for the sake of conformity or at the expense of truth. Persevere to the end in any enterprise with all diligence, once begun. Seek no monetary reward but let it come to you according to the grace with which you are bestowed by the higher powers. Be a light unto others and as an example of the angels who you represent. In all things, live by honour, valour and for the greater glory of the good in this world”.

#2: I RESOLVE TO DEEPEN MY SERVICE TO OTHERS AND TO THE WORLD. This has been a recurrent theme in my writings in recent years, as it has been impressed on me again and again that nothing makes sense in this life without service. So I will look to higher powers to direct me where I can exercise this human work most effectively. I have been gifted with so much that it only makes sense if I can give that back somehow into the world. I have increasingly felt that the whole span and essence of life make no sense whatsoever without the possibility of service. At the same time, being of service has felt like the only act which really makes sense in this world (apart from loving and making love). As I wrote in a poem last year, entitled “Born to Serve”:

“Nothing makes a scrap of sense
unless this man can make himself
of service to the order of the world
(despite the fences and the corners
and disorder and the surly chieftains
wielding crass unpower from behind)…”

My heart now yearns to be of service in whatever way the Universe directs. This is the only way that I’ll be able to make sense of remaining alive on this earth.

#3: I RESOLVE TO DISCONTINUE MY HERMITRY. In 2011, I deliberately put myself in an ivory tower (figuratively speaking) and, in 2012 after making a CD album, I cast myself into a symbolic hermitage and became a metaphorical monk. I had written a poem entitled “Vagrant on the Hinterland of Time” and that has been my “anthem” since then (and also became the title poem of my book of poems published in March 2015). It has now been made clear that this hermitry is of no use to me anymore. It has served a great purpose and much healing and growing has taken place. But the time has come, little by little throughout 2015, that I have to thrust myself into the world and sail on a different wind which blows away from aloneness but where I know not. From the beginning of 2016 I will be setting sail into uncharted territory with a flourish!

#4: I RESOLVE TO RECORD A NEW INSPIRATIONAL CD ALBUM THIS YEAR. Each previous year when I have resolved to record a new album, it has happened. This year will mark the birth of a new 14-track album, entitled “The Key”, which will be recorded with a full band and a 25-piece classical orchestra on most tracks, the style of which will range from folk-rock and alt. country to “show tunes”. Everything is in place already except the full amount of finance. This will come. It must come! Please, Mister Universe, will you deliver the goods? Over to you for the miracle…

#5: I RESOLVE TO TAKE MORE OUTLANDISH RISKS THAN EVER BEFORE. As the final paragraph said in my little article on Facebook yesterday, entitled “The Three Main Levels of Love”:

“I must take more risks. More in the sense of quantity and more in the sense of more deeply and “dangerously” — though there is never any danger in love, no matter what may happen, even if it means death, for death is merely the dream come true”.

It’s time for the risk factor to go through the roof. It’s time to become every insurance broker’s worst nightmare! 🙂 It’s time to live more dangerously, more precariously (and thereby more fruitfully and fulfillingly) than ever before (for the tree of risk always bears good fruit).

#6: I RESOLVE TO ASK THE HIGHER POWERS TO REMOVE WHATEVER ILLUSIONS MAY REMAIN IN MY LIFE AND TO STRIP MY SOUL BARE. For some years I’ve been in a somewhat painful process of increased awareness of my thoughts and actions, the breaking down of worn-out patterns of thought and behaviour, the complete removal of all illusions (the true meaning of being dis-illusioned) from my life and aspirations (who needs illusions — we need to be “dissed” of them!), together with the consistent separation and freeing of myself from people in my life who not only do not enhance this process but actually inhibit it. I am totally committed to this, even if it must mean saying goodbye to many. Despite any pain, I welcome it wholeheartedly and stand in the face of the hurricane with arms outstretched and my voice in full fettle, singing “Bring it on!” May it long continue!

And that is also what I say to this New Year of 2016, despite the chaos — in spite of the challenges — undeterred by all global and personal unravelment: “Bring it on!” 🙂

If you have read this far, I wish a very fulfilling and fruitful New Year to all of you!

© Alan Morrison, 2015

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