Day: Mar 23, 2016

The Brussel Atrocities

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BRUSSELS! HERE WE GO AGAIN! We’ve been here before. Many times. There are so many holes in the official narrative that the truth must surely be leaking out like a rusty old garden watering can. It can’t just be me who is wondering — yet again — how the explosive stunts such as those pulled in Brussels airport could be allowed to happen. I use the word “allowed” deliberately. Because there can be no other cause behind these atrocities. They were surely allowed to happen by the authorities. How come these “authorities” say, after the atrocities, that the people who committed them were already under surveillance, yet they are still allowed to pitch up undisguised at an international airport with sophisticated CCTV in place (there is also digital facial recognition technology in place at Brussels airport), wearing a highly visible BLACK GLOVE on their left hands (a known cover for explosive trigger devices), leave luggage near the check-in desks of a US AIRLINE while one of them walks away and leaves the airport after the deadly explosions? The “authorities” have admitted they knew exactly where they were staying (they somehow always admit that AFTER the atrocities). They were under surveillance! This beggars belief! Commandos raided an apartment in Brussels ten days ago and had a shoot-out with a bunch of terrorists, after which the two guys with the black gloves in the airport had been able to get away and be on the run! How could that happen? The military spooks, their listening hubs and special forces are people who could find you even if you buried yourself in a hole in the Sahara in a dust storm! It just doesn’t hang together and anyone who thinks it does is either hopelessly brainwashed or suffering from Ostrich Syndrome!

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