Day: Apr 13, 2016

What we Honor [poem]

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Oh, by the way, there’s something I must nowly
say to you: That lovely face of yours on which
you lavish so much slavish concentration — e.g.
mirror-time and paint — will not be here for long.
You’re just a temporary Graphical User Interface
(or GUI) within this world for someone you forgot.
What’s more, no matter how you try, you’ll never
stop that face from being worm-food in the earth.
The beauty which you think you see will surely rot.
It’s coming soon; you’ll then learn life’s true worth.
And with a cheeky smile I say the person who you
think you are’s the one who you are definitely not!
And if that seems too riddlelike for you to handle
at this tender time of day, then crack the code so
you will understand & know yourself without delay.

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