My Hard Life-Lesson

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MY HARD LIFE-LESSON, for some years, has been to learn the Art of Infinite Patience, which is merely learning to trust the wisdom of the Universe to bring true order into one’s life, rather than believing that this order can come through imagining oneself to be the sole founder of one’s destiny (which, unfortunately, seems to be the majority view). Infinite Patience is one of the most deeply beautiful characteristics one can attain. It involves a quiet willingness to wait, even ultimately through many lifetimes, for the fulfilment of one’s most worthy goals. We are not always the wisest counsellors of our own impetus. As a wise man once put it: “The thing that we think is best for ourselves is often worst for our souls”. Stranded in 3-D (un)reality, we can only chart our way back to our essential selves if we will work with all the unseen lightful forces lapping helpfully on our shoreline. So often I have wanted ALL of something right now, at once! But this is such a narrow egocentric view which fails to see the Big Picture. We know we’ve learned the test when we can look a lover in the eye and say (or write a letter, saying): “My darling, I can wait for you forever, if needs be”. Such is maturity. Learning what our “needs be”, rather than what our narrow waveband wanton wishes so desire, is the heartbeat of the one who has come of age, reached maturity.

All this is not to be mistaken for passivity, for we can make things happen too; but not in our own strength alone. This is the secret. For true strength comes when we acknowledge the weakness of human autonomy and therefore work in tandem with the higher powers whose lifeforce is the Big Picture which we little earthlings lack. In attempting to take my life into my own hands — instead of deferring to higher powers — I’ve made a fool of myself so many times; and even become a complete clown or buffoon as a result! It makes me laugh so much just to think about it! Sometimes we have to commit the same foolish atrocity many times before we get the message. In this case, the message is (one could say): “More of God, less of me” (when “God” = higher powers beyond all that we can see, do or be).

Our conditioning in life has so often involved an imagined need for instant gratification. This is because we have a very narrow view of time, which also leads to a flawed sense of timing. For everything has its perfect moment, which is determined by forces outside of ourselves. So if we do not defer to those forces then our timing will always be off. Thus, when we want something to happen, our best strategy is to ask the higher powers to show us when its moment is to be. When and if we can readily and faithfully defer to that, then we are learning the Art of Infinite Patience. That is the point at which vanity dissolves, and cosmic cooperation begins. What a buzz that is!

© Alan Morrison, 2016

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