Day: May 21, 2016

The Sacredness of Public Office

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Astonishment and Illusion in the US Presidential Election Campaign


PROLOGUE: What Astonishes Most About the US Election?

What is the most astonishing thing about the US presidential election campaign? Is it the fact that one of the frontrunners is a proven criminal, having a long background with her husband in the Arkansas mob (some of us have known all this for more than 20 years!), up to her eyeballs in corruption and nefarious activities (and you can easily check all this out for yourself, if you dare to do so)? Is it the fact that so many women are pushing to have her installed as president just so that, for the first time, there will be a vagina in the White House (a so-called “victory for women”)? Is it the huge number of well-meaning but naïve people supporting an old-fashioned socialist apparatchik who claims to be a peacenik but whose voting record shows him to be mainly a conformist hawk [see ] (as well as having one of the angriest mouths I have ever seen)? Is it the vitriolic and crude propaganda on all sides being passed so glibly around social media (even by supposedly tolerant and liberal people)? Is it the fact that this election campaign is more of a blatantly bizarre circus than ever before? No, it is none of those things — astonishing though they actually are in themselves. However, by far the most astonishing thing about the US presidential election campaign is that SO MANY otherwise intelligent and discerning people have been fooled into believing that presidents have any real power to change anything at all! It is THAT which astonishes me above all else.

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