Day: Jul 3, 2016

Dysbrexia Syndrome: Manipulation & Mayhem in the EU Referendum

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On the eve of the recent United Kingdom/European Union referendum, I received a number of communications from friends and relatives asking what I thought was going to happen the next day. My response was simply to say that the UK would never be allowed to leave the EU. It’s a “Hotel California” situation: You can check out any time you like… but you can never leave! As you can imagine, after the vote had taken place, they asked me if I was surprised, now that the vote had been a majority to leave the EU. My response was “Yes and no.” Yes, because initially I was surprised that the power-elite had not managed to swing the vote to ensure that it went the way of the “Remain” camp. But I also know that NOTHING happens without the consent of that elite. As Michailo Sczerbiak, the disillusioned CIA sniper (played by Croatian actor, Rade Šerbedžija) in the brilliantly insightful film “Shooter”, rightly said: “Nothing, no matter how horrible, ever really happens without the approval of the government, over there and here”. He didn’t only mean the phoney “government” made up of MPs or representatives in parliament chambers and congresses, as they are just puppets for the real (and unelected) government — what I call “the power-elite” — which lies BEHIND the phoney government.

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