Day: Jul 25, 2016

Easily Fooled

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Why the Nice Lorry Massacre was no Hoax


PREDICTABLY, THE ARMCHAIR CONSPIRACY THEORISTS are back in action regarding the Nice lorry massacre on July 14th — speculating and outright inventing reasons to “prove” that it never really happened (or only partially happened the way it was claimed to have happened) and that all (or some of) the bodies strewn down nearly two kilometres of the Promenade des Anglais were dummies (they also claim that one was actually a dead pig!) and all (or some of) the pools of blood were fake and that any alleged witnesses are crisis actors employed for the purpose of upholding the lie. As far as they are concerned, the massacre in Nice was an elaborate hoax mounted by “the Illuminati” and made to look like a real event. This is not just a question of a handful of internet nutters making these claims. The web is full of it! Even among my “friends” on Facebook I have seen these claims repeatedly in the last few days.

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