Day: Oct 5, 2016

The Beauty of Darkness [poem]

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Some think of light as love
and, by implication,
they must think of dark as hate;
while those who think that
light equates with truth
must, by inferential logic,
think that dark is only lies.
Still others soundly say that
light is representative of
knowledge sacred or profane
and thereby do assert that
ignorance and darkness
are from tributary veins.

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Conversation about Spotify

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NICE GUY: “Are you on Spotify?”

ME: “No way! It’s basically a music pirating channel disguised as a legitimate download company and although it makes money it pays artists next to nothing. Really, almost nothing”.

NICE GUY [laughing]: “True”.

ME [also laughing]: “It’s weird how people will not think twice about buying a fika in Espresso House and yet do anything they can to wriggle out of paying the same amount of money for an artist’s hard work”.

NICE GUY: “Yeah, so do you have an actual album for sale then?”

ME: Yes, I do! [producing album magically out of box]

NICE GUY: “Great, I’ll buy it then!”

ME [thinking in my head]:
“Now there’s a real gentleman who gets it” 😉