Day: Oct 15, 2016

Variety of Questions and Messages I’ve received in Recent Weeks

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HERE IS A VARIETY OF QUESTIONS AND MESSAGES I’VE RECEIVED IN RECENT WEEKS, which I’ve concatenated into a single paragraph, since they all dovetail into each other. (Then please see my reply below). Here are the questions and messages: “It’s all hopeless, man! The world is totally cracked! Everything has gone crazy — so crazy that I can’t even recognise the world anymore as a place that I want to be in. I’d rather disappear in a puff of smoke forever. It’s just not worth writing anything anymore. I try to talk to people about what’s really going on in the world — the manipulation, lies and stupidity — but they just treat me as if I’m mad. The level of people’s gullibility right now (especially in the countdown to the pretended US election) is STAGGERING! There is so much virtue-signalling and hypocritical posturing by folks wanting to big themselves up. Ugggh! Your lyrics and poems are very beautiful and noble and all that stuff. But what is the point of writing them? Seriously Alan, why bother? Hardly anyone looks at them and those who are interested in them already understand what you are saying, so what’s the point? All genuine artists are simply wasting their time. They’re banging their heads on a brick wall. Do something else in life and benefit yourself. Go back to Tenerife and bathe in the sun and sea, while writing an occasional candy-floss sonnet to titillate the masses. Any serious message today will be almost completely ignored, while anything irrational, superficial or nonsensical will flourish hugely. If I was to photograph my cat or my tattoos, or criticize Donald Trump, I would be inundated with hundreds of “likes” and ridiculously flattering comments. But when I’ve tried to start a profound discussion about the essence of true spirituality, there is a wall of silence. It just makes me want to give up on everything. What’s the point of anything? What is the world coming to?”

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