Day: Oct 26, 2016

The Source of Love [words & sonnet]

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It’s a life-changing epiphany to realise that when we love someone, that love is not a thing that started when they came into our life. The other person merely made manifest what is already within us constantly (though mostly we don’t see it with our hearts). For in everyone there is a golden box of love which can be opened wide, or closed, kept locked and in the dark, if we so choose. Various experiences that we have in life cause us to make defensive choices about that golden box which leave us feeling loveless and longing for a love which we falsely think can only come through someone else. Thus, when some other guy or girl turns up in our “love life”, we’re riding on a high and become dependent on them to experience love and are fearful of being abandoned (again, a feeling which goes back to bad early life experiences). If they desert us or go off with someone else, we then believe that love has left us too and we feel heartbroken, utterly bereft and alone. But this is a terrible illusion! For there is already a powerhouse of love within us which is available to be experienced constantly.

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