Day: Nov 13, 2016

To continue what I wrote on November 9th

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TO CONTINUE WHAT I WROTE ON NOVEMBER 9th, MANY HAVE BEEN SAYING, IN RESPONSE TO THE US ELECTION VOTE (and also to the so-called “Brexit” voting) that “democracy is starting to take a dangerous turn”. This seems to mean that people don’t like the way that the voting has gone. The thing is that if one wants to live in even the limited kind of “democracy” which one believes that one has, then one also has to accept it when the vote doesn’t go the way one likes it to go. I have watched with interest how so many on social media avidly badmouth the candidate they won’t be voting for (or didn’t vote for) and will also accept ANY propaganda or obvious lie which is told about him/her on the internet. I have seen this very many times lately, even among my ‘friends’ on social media. It’s just crazy — taking sides like that and then getting so horribly caught up in it that it becomes a real conflict and takes over one’s mind. Facebook, for example, has lately been absolutely resounding with these drama kings and queens! 😀 What a business it’s all been! People only seem to like the present (faux) democracy which they claim to support if the vote goes their way. If it doesn’t, then they start getting all worked up about how “fascism has returned” and other silly propaganda. (In fact, fascism — if by that term one means autocracy or totalitarianism — never really left but has always continued to work under the radar; but I won’t develop that here as it needs a paper all to itself 😉 ). However, the reality is that THERE IS NO REAL DEMOCRACY ANYWHERE. True democracy involves the people being active and welcome participants (or at least privy to the entire workings of the system) at all levels; but nothing could be further from the truth. The idea that the people are empowered by being able to vote for whichever politician matches their chosen ideology, or who they have been inculcated to vote for by a biased media, or who has sufficiently deceived them with lies is frankly ludicrous!

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